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8/5/13 2:06 PM 


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Celebrations June 2011 

Congratulations to Southeast Conference 
for Becoming a Global Mission Partner 


The Southeast Conference has received a letter of thanks from Cally Rogers- 
Witte and Jan Aerie of Global Ministries thanking us for our action of voting to 
Mmi5. become a Global Mission Partner Conference. 

A certificate attached to the letter reads: 

"Global Ministries, a common witness of Wider 
I f church Ministries, United Church 
? of Christ and Division of Overseas Ministries, 
in Church (Disciples of 
Christ) presents this certificate to the Southeast 
Conference, UCC, In 

recognition and celebration of your conference's 
commitment to being a Global 
Mission Conference, June 11, 2011. " 


Meeting In Atlanta. 

speech given by Marcia Bentley at the SEC 2011 Annual 

e to read about Global M 

On May 29th during the Sunday morning 
worship service, members of Garden of 
Grace UCC In Columbia, SC, celebrated 
Jennifer Spear's licensure to ministry in 
the Georgia-South Carolina Association. 
Associate Conference Minister, Rev. 
Kathy Clark, was present representing 
the association in a service of recognition 
of Jennifer's authorization. 

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Headlines from the United 
Church of Christ 
Clergy health care resolution 
approved by Synod delegates 
Delegates to General Synod 28 
restored the vigor of the 
resolution "Affirming Healthcare 
Coverage for UCC Authorized 
Ministers and Their Families." 
The amended resolution passed 
with 81 percent of the vote. 


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Leader Link Celebrate Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:06 PM 

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